Look Backward, Snow Angel

Last year at this point it was snowing beasts and burdens. Today it’s, well, it’s the early December of a formless winter so far, no snow (occasional threats, yes) and no overarching wintry cold. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Now and then I step outside of a sunny weekend afternoon and look at the dry trees up along Clinton Street, and it looks like October. As if the trees, who know this sort of thing, are shrugging: “Hey bro, it’s not winter yet. We’ll let you know.”

For ease in looking backward we have a new menu-toy: down on the right-hand side of this page, between the Merriment divertissements and our Col. Mustard blogroll list, there’s a link that will take you to our entry one year ago on this blog. This can keep your Pepper level up when, like this past week, we get all tired and don’t post like we oughta.

Also in cycles: last December 5 Col. J.D. shook his legendary shackshaking stuff with his band The Legendary Shackshakers at the Knitting Factory; Los Straitjackets, those surf-splendor kings of the Mexican wrestling masks, were also on the bill. Last night the Shackshakers were at Southpaw instead, and the Straitjackets headlined at Bowery Ballroom. So it must be a tradition.

Me? I was out in the darkling commerce at an Upper East Side branch of Best Buy, sweetly wheedling the sales clerk, who ended up letting me have the landside portion of my web-bought DVD order even though I couldn’t find the email I was supposed to show them. (The other three are being shipped.) I’m rarely on the Upper East Side, and I walked down through it for a mile or so as evening came on. I looked for a place to inspire dinner, but nothing rang my chimes at a reasonable price, so home it was to the warm messy apartment and a sleepy curl of Black Adder II episodes.

Sometimes easy is the way to go.

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