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I’m an available-space guy, by which I mean that when I’m going on a trip I take out a vast pile of stuff, sort through the basics, and then fatally wonder if there are more basics to consider. I mean, what if it gets really cold? What if it rains? OK, rain gear is basic-level basic, but get this: what if it’s cold in the morning, and then it warms up, and then it rains? Guess I’d better bring waterproof sandals. And warm socks, just in case. Two pair. Because the first pair got wet when it rained, see?

That sort of thing. I’ll continue thinking this way until all available space is full, plus about 10% more of space that is purely theoretical. I’m the guy at the airport who says, sure, you can open my bag. But you have to close it again, because it took me 10 minutes this morning to get the zipper done and I’m not going through that again.

Apply this what-fits style to a small studio apartment in Brooklyn, though, and you’ve got disaster. I bought new shelves the other day, and populating them means taking everything out and sorting through it (it’s no fun to have stuff if you can’t take it out and sort purposefully through it now and then). Which is how these 10 books got nominated to be sold at eBay. Please feel free to buy them: the auctions end Sunday evening between 5 and 8. Titles, in case some of the images aren’t clear:

Buy my stuff! Every book that leaves this house under its own steam is a book blessed!

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