This Election Has Performed an Illegal Operation and Will Shut Down

Well, well, well: in New Orleans, at least, the electronic voting machines don’t work. What a surprise. I mean, it’s not like everyone in America saw that coming, or anything.

“No, no no. The machines will work just fine.” Riiiiiiiight.

The Election Incident Reporting System at this hour is listing 8,110 reported election events, with New York and Pennsylvania leading the pack – it makes sense that events would cluster in the East, since our polls open earliest and have thus been open longest. 677 of the reports are machine-related incidents, 395 are voter-intimida … oho, the online system just crashed (ha, perfect). I imagine it will be back later. Major media isn’t reporting much right now — CNN, for one, seems unaware that there is a world beyond our borders — so this information is more as-it-happens than it is reliable; that’s the caveat for today.

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