Native American Summer

It is too beautiful outside to blog. I can’t stay in this room, must frolic. Back soon.

In other words: GONE FISHIN’ MISSIN’. Back tomorrer, about.

Speaking of missing, I thought The Forgotten was perfectly good fun. A coherent in-the-Matrix escapist story with a not-viciously-stupid script, a wonderful palette of unexpected blues, and one spectacular new special effect, seen several times. Also not a single on-screen apartment that would market for less than $10 mmmmm-million, and a chase scene through DUMBO that is as bizarrely nailed together as the car chase from The French Connection, but that’s par for the course in these I-want-one jump-cut times. Terrific crane work, amazing overhead city photography that actually has a thematic reason for being included, and was that a reverse balloon shot in the opening playground moment? I believe so, I do believe so.

So why did every critic in the world jump all over this poor movie? Then again, I enjoyed Resident Evil: Apocalypse, so what do I know. Flesh-eating zombies, monsters on the church walls, and cute armed girls in and out of leather accessories, what’s not to love?

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