It’s All Weird

Sometimes, it gets really tiresome to hear people comment on how weird New York is and all that but, frankly, why is there an M14 bus that plays The Star Spangled Banner from its front-left wheel well when the door opens? Surely Bus Stop would have been more appropriate! (I had no idea it was written by Graham Gouldman, by the way. Google and learn!)

In other weird news, the NY Daily News reports that the Columbus Citizens Foundation is appalled at the movie Shark Tale:

The “bad guys” in the film have names like Don Lino, Luca, Giuseppe and Gino, and use Italian-American phrases like “capeesh,” “consigliere,” “maronne” and “agita” … DreamWorks has already bowed to some of the criticism, changing the name of one of the gangster sharks from Don Brizzi to Don Feinberg.

Will the real Don Feinberg get into the fray?

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