Caller ID

New Scientist magazine has the news that a radio signal from the deep sky between Pisces and Aries might, just might, be something that we don’t know just what it is. And one of those things might be a beacon call from space, a sign of intelligent life, something we’ve been looking for so long we’ve gotten used to its lack.

The weak and intermittent signal is named SHGb02+14a, and it’s on a good frequency for that sort of thing — 1420 MHz, which is one spot where hydrogen emits and absorbs energy. It’s from an odd place, with no clear star systems around. And it could be anything from hacker fraud to the astronomical equivalent of a bit of undigested beef in the system. But still, but still. On a gorgeous workaday Thursday toward the trembling end of a week filled with gibbering political ninnies, a guy can dream.

Update: Per Pierre, it is debunked by the BBC, which quotes Dr. Dan Wertheimer: “It’s all hype and noise.” Thursdays. I never did get the hang of Thursdays.

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