It’s gotta be true, ’cause you read it here!

Brazilian scientists have decoded the genome of the coffee plant, according to the BBC. Bully for them! But…

Having studied 200,000 strands of DNA, they have identified 35,000 coffee genes, a combination of which gives the drink its aroma and flavour.

“We are going to create a super-coffee that everyone can benefit from eventually,” [the agriculture minister Roberto Rodrigues] told reporters in Brasilia.

He said this would be achieved naturally through cross-pollination of coffee plants and not through genetic modifications in a laboratory.

200,000 strands of DNA, huh? Each one hand-picked and roasted to perfection, I bet. And the flavour of those genes! Cafezinho, genezinho, as long as they love their mother…

And isn’t it wonderful how DNA sequencing suddenly lets coffee pollinate itself?


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