The Music of Chance

How you know it’s been a Long Day: down the hall in the calendar department, Mandy’s phone just began playing music. It didn’t ask anyone, it just started to keen out loud through the speaker. It’s crooning elevator music, perk-up-the-end-is-in-sight no-songs in slick synth, with lots of modulations. You can still call the phone and it behaves fine while you’re on it, but when you hang up it starts to sing again.

I had a homeless guy in my neighborhood who was kind of like that once. Unfortunately our new homeless guy is flat-out insane, complete with the crazy-person hat, earflaps akimbo, and he smells awful.

Telephone Update: If your Norstar phone out there in Pepperland is playing on-hold music out loud, just press Feature, #, 86, and it will turn off the tunes. This does not entirely address just who thought it would be a good idea to make a phone that would sing at all, but it’s probably too late to find him now. “Hey, you know what would be cool? Let’s make a phone that plays cheery songs at the end of the day!” (Several days pass) “Bob, about that phone idea you had last week. Come up and see me in the office. Bring your personal items with you.”

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