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The Third Trimester, by Wayne KralA couple of days ago, I wrote about seeing a show by my painter friend Wayne Kral down in a gallery on 1st Street. At the time, I didn’t have the nod to run any images here for blog consumption. This morning Wayne sent along a scan of his piece “The Third Trimester” for your visual pleasure, so now you can go read about it there, and then come back and look at it here. Or vice versa. His four-part Trimester series was one of my favorite parts of the exhibition.

We had rehearsal tonight for “The Good Faith,” a show I’ll be in at La Mama ETC for three weeks starting November 20th. It’s a fun piece, a musical by Harold Dean James which thumbnails forty years and some in the life of an old-time-religion Jehovah’s Witness named Brother Rawe. The play is based on a true story, as they like to say in the movies. Bro. Rawe was toiling along in his chosen fields, presumably bothering innocent sleepy people early on Sunday mornings and asking passersby if they’ve talked to Jesus today, when his coven was taken over by a couple of nefarious earthly types more concerned with money and fast women (well, fast for devout Christians, anyway) than with the Word of God. Bro. Rawe and his wife, Sister Rawe, were unceremoniously booted out, but they bore their lot with patience and eventually returned to the fold. I play one of the Nefariouses (Nefariousim?), as well as doing cameo bits as a brawling recruiting soldier and President Roosevelt.

With the season running hot and cold and sleety outside, we were all a bit touchy and distracted, too aware of the room and our own transition states, not quite knowing the words or the songs or each other, stumbling over the blocking. But Katarina the adorable stage manager brought in an adorable orange cap (baseball, backward), so that was something. The headshot they’re using for me is nearly old enough to vote – it’s been a while since I did my sweet time in the theatre – and maybe I’ll run a scan of it here in some future entry. For giggles.

Rehearsal kept me off the streets, out of the bars (where the fearsome and wonderful Dogfish Head World Wide Stout was premiering at the Blind Tiger, and I’m sure Pierre will have something to say about that once he recovers) and away from the clubs (where the annual CMJ Music Marathon did its annual unfurling). Missed a lot of good music, and a lot of good beer. And it was cold in there too.

Since Pepper of the Earth went live for the general public today and linked up from the outside for the first time, a few tips of the e-hat are in order: first, to Pierre for putting up with my whinging and tolerating my discursi on the fundamental philosophies of three-column layout (“all right, all right already, I’ll make it boldface”), and for getting this site both operational and pretty from nothing but default freeware in a little under 5 days; and second, to bloggers Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol and Tony Hightower of the sometimes-resting Evil Twin Theory, for accidentally inspiring us to do this.

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