Such a wee smooth brain in that glorious, exultant body. There’s a moral here, isn’t there? I hate when that happens.

No, I’m not talking about you. You can read blogs. I’m talking about the girl with … who … never mind. The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals, you know the score.

But beauty’s waste hath in the world an end,
And kept unus’d, the user so destroys it.

Our update has been updated and we’ve been lazy since it was done, cruising on the software upgrade excuse, ducking the rain to dance in the sun and not writing a stitch. For my part, I spent some of the wet and overcast bits at home watching a couple of movies. And yesterday was my birthday – yep, thanks, 29 again I’m sure – and though I was thinking a lot I didn’t have much to say. Sometimes, spring is like that.

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