Shades of Gray

Spaulding Gray - photo by Raku LorenThe sad news of the death of Spaulding Gray was not unexpected, but neither was it welcome. I didn’t know him, but I saw and read his work over the years.

Since Spaulding Gray was a storyteller who put his life and soul into his stories, we join his memory with a story of our own.

A few years back, a piece by a famous performance artist who shall remain unnamed – oops – started a short run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The first nights were a smash-up of New York’s black-clad finest. Since the black-clad finest are not always so good at planning ahead, and calendars can be elusive and confusing things in the best of times, the box office was swimming in last-minute requests from both the unwashed and the anointed. Most venues keep a stock of house tickets on hand for such emergencies as a matter of policy, and they were much in demand here.

After the show, a behind-the-scenes BAM friend reported that the box office tried hard to seat two last-minute requesters together in the orchestra: Spaulding Gray, who got his seat, and Monica Lewinsky, who ultimately didn’t show up. We all felt that the world was poorer for the lack of the monologue that might have come out of the evening.

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