A Big Blog Took My Lunch Money

Our daily alert from WIRED Magazine sports the “Dog Bites Man” news that big bloggers steal from little bloggers. Whoa! Whoda thunk it?

Just as I read the story, which describes tracking phrases from blog to blog using a web trawler robot called BlogPulse, we had a synchronous referral hit from a BlogPulse page citing us as recent commenters on Orkut. A meme! A trend! A trope, even!

Nope. Our Orkut mention had nothing to do with anyone else’s discussions. It’s no news that big aggregator sites lift all over the place, and the guy who starts the buzz never gets the credit in this business or any other. Still, I’m guessing that most of the 80,000 blogs that BlogPulse paws through aren’t doing much more interconnected than flowing down the same river. If you look closely enough at that river and its swimmers, you’re sure to discover that all of us are wet.

We Peppers try to point back to our sources where we can. So note that it’s PZ Myers of the evolutionary blog Pharyngula who directed us to this eerie deserted photo-journey through Chernobyl. And Pharyngula credits his source as well, and so on down the chain.

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