Strangulation Of Disbelief

So there I am, disbelief hung high and dry, zooming along the last chapter of Paul Levinson’s The Pixel Eye. (I normally would have put a link here, but Amazon keeps sticking all sorts of tracking data in their URLs and that pisses me off.)

So anyway, we’ve got squirrels with bombs implanted in their skulls (not a spoiler yet) and the dénouement is fast approaching when

The bomb uses the chemistry of the body — we think it sucks nitrogen out of amino acids –
Transamination?Proteins practically ran on nitrogen. Its atoms were light, and made highly explosive alliances with other compounds in small amounts — like nitroglycerin. Transamination … taking nitrogen out of amino acids, making animals into bombs…

Gibberish like this makes me want to throw the book across the room, and I probably would have if it had not been the property of the New York Public Library. There I was, disbelief in the overhead storage compartment, and instead of a clever twist with antimatter or some such cute, nicely unbelievable dodge, Levinson resorts to this arrant nonsense, which makes a mockery of elementary physics, chemistry and biochemistry, and he puts it in the mouths of two forensic scientists! Piffle! Pish ! Pshaw! And Pah!

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