Anouncement of the Announcement

Mars Needs WomenThe Opportunity Mars Rover has found something interesting, says NASA. The other thing NASA says is that soon, they’ll tell us what it is.


So now I’m thinking it’s Marvin the Martian or something. Maybe a monolith or two, an underground tunnel complex, a vast spacefaring tree soaring out of the red desert? Glittering cities of fragile crystal? Forgotten chambers studded with doorways, each opening to a different episode of Star Trek? Mathilda May as the naked psychic vampire? Messages from Helmuth of Boskone? Inertialess drive? The local terminus of a transdimensional tunnel stretching far into a threatening future? Could it be … weapons of mass destruction???

More than likely it’s a rock. But until the press conference at 11:00 a.m. PST, I get to dream. Coy, you cunning NASA scientists, coy indeed.

Update: It’s a rock, all right – but it’s a rock that was acted upon significantly by liquid water, and the Rover Team now believes that Mars once had a habitable environment, in carbon-based life terms: atmosphere, water, sun, travel agents, room service, condom machines, cell phones and soft cushions. No proof so far of metrosexuals.

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