Leap Day

I love this 29th idea. It’s like a little extra moment that doesn’t quite exist, just flickers at the edge of the eye. Not much of a birthday day, for those who have it, but wouldn’t it be an excellent anniversary? Guess I blew this one.

I met an absolutely lovely girl at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks on Friday (isn’t that awful?) (not the Friday part or the girl part, I mean the Barnes & Noble Starbucks bit), but she’s on the young side and has a boyfriend. Of course. He’s her first real boyfriend, and she is sure she’ll marry him. Of course. I think she knows she actually won’t, but she can’t quite articulate that. Her parents don’t know about them – traditional Pakistani family on her end, and boys are verboten – even though they’ve been dating 18 months. It sounded impossibly complex and romantic, and it must keep them endlessly busy. I can’t imagine jumping through many hoops for “True Love” any more, which may have something to do with why I haven’t seen True Love lately, these parts. Still, we talked for 3 hours and shared coffee and cookies, and had a great time.

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