American Vendor

In the course of editing yesterday’s post, I ran across the blog site of Harvey Pekar and family – Harvey, Joyce Brabner, and occasionally young Danielle post about public speaking, car repairs, accidentally eating before CAT scans, and getting Harvey to go dancing, over at From Off the Streets of Cleveland…. Harvey’s writing is as distinctive by Web as it is by comic; these few days after seeing the movie, I can’t escape his voice and cadence as I read the entries. Joyce’s writing is gorgeously sardonic. It should be no surprise that if you’d like to buy some Harvey Pekar merch, well, Harvey would like to sell you some. He’d also like to be a speaker at your event (the possibilities are endless: Harvey at the Board Meeting, Harvey at the Bris, Harvey Introduces Your Band). We’ll put up a permanent link to the site when we get our permanent links figgered out.

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