Strep Tease

That was no scaby, that was my throat. Har har har.

Seriously, several of my biological processes started to work again today, so surely rational thought can’t be far behind. I’ll be back on the blog wagon soon. Apparently I’m excused from grumphing about Valentine’s Day, so that’s my silver lining. No I don’t have a date, thank you for asking.

But Saturday Valentine-night late I’m heading up to Boston – Dedham actually – for the 29th Annual 24-Hour Science Fiction Film Marathon, which takes sedentary place every Presidents’ Day. I’ve been going since the early ’80s, on and off. So my geek is bigger than your geek, nyah nyah. Sometimes I’ve even had a date for it, which takes some doing. Nearly did this year too, but Max(ine) went and headed off to Florida. Something about working all winter on boats. It’s hard to argue with that.

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