Stale Pint Bug

The venue has only one tap and is packed just about every night, you figure the beer’s going to be fresh; and even though it’s only Bass, a product of Megabrew Manufacturing Industries, it could be drinkable. Wrong! It is stale, with the aroma of wet cardboard and bone glue characteristic of oxidized beer. At $6 a “pint” that looks like 14oz at most, quite possibly even less? The Bitter End sucks. I know, that’s not news: the staff is surly, the drinks overpriced, the layout unpleasant, so why bother?

Stargazer liliesWell, Stargazer Lily like the place. This estimable Philadelphia quartet hardly ever plays anywhere else in New York, but perhaps they’ll change their mind, now that someone stole Stephanie’s harmonica right before the show… Anyway, once in a while I do find myself slumming on Bleecker Street. As usual, a splendid set from the Lilies, which was followed by an uninspiring one by NJ native and CO resident Christopher Jak. To be fair, he was just recovering from laryngitis, so I’ll hold my judgement.

Randy “he’s only 15” McStine is only 15, but he certainly can play his guitar. Sure, he hasn’t yet learned the vertues of silence yet, of notes suggested rather than actually played, but that will probably come in time and meanwhile he still delivers a solid performance. I’m not thrilled by his songs, played in a radio-too-friendly “light metal meets pale funk” circa 1980, and his drummed was a dud –if you’re going to schlep a kit bigger than Ginger Baker‘s, with a bass drum fit to house a family of Saint Bernards, you better know what you’re supposed to do with all that shiny hardware– but there is something there that I would like to see mature in a more interesting direction. Time will tell.

Computer pun. Don’t sweat it.

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