Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Everyone but everyone out there in Blogville, USA has gone to World 66 (no relation to World 666, which would be something different) to make nifty little maps of where they’ve been. There’s no telling when a brushfire will turn into an Internet blaze, but these little doohickey apps have got the fire inside – at least for this week.

Home is where the heart is

So here are mine. Red is where I’ve been, green is yet to go. I’ve been more thorough in the States, courtesy of a couple of years of fanatical hitchhiking back when the world was kinder and gentler. I even recall a couple of the places I traipsed through in one or another car, though I’m not sure – apart from Alaska, Hawaii and Florida – that I actually wasn’t in the green states. It’s reconstructive guesswork, from this vantage. Make your own Visited States map by clicking on the link.

Home is so remote

The slim worldwide pickings are indicative of my idiosyncratic travel style: I go slowly and like to stay until I can taste a place. This has been known to drive people pretty crazy. The red spots in Europe are temporal shorthand for five scattered years spent in and around Italy, Germany, England and points nearby, with a six-month jaunt out to India and Nepal for good measure. I’ve never been to Mexico, Bermuda, or anywhere Club Medish. My loss? Maybe so. The first time I ever had an umbrella drink on a tropical beach, I was in Las Vegas. Sure was fun, though. Make your own Visited World map by clicking on the link.

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