It’s Monday Again

Today an “outsource copying” company came by to woo us Day Job folks away from our usual trusty copy guys. They brought doughnuts and those “Box of Joe” coffee contraptions from Dunkin’ Donuts – the caffeine equivalent of wine in a box, I guess – to win over the sweet of tooth and the weak of belly. I artfully missed the presentation but was in time for doughnuts.

In the Kitchen: A Dialogue

Leah: I had three doughnuts. I love doughnuts.
Linus: This is my one-and-a-halfth. Doughnut.
Leah: Why don’t you have another half and make it two?
Linus: Well, there was already a half one there, so I just took it.
Leah: I thought you said you had one already.
Linus: I did.
Leah: But that’s just half. You should at least have a whole one. I had three.
Linus (under breath): Must … not … answer … must … not … lose … control …

Yet another reason that they have to pay us to come in to work.

About Linus

The man behind the curtain. But couldn't we get a nicer curtain?
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