Words, Actions, What a Puzzler

It’s Lizzie Grubman‘s birthday, so we’re supposed to be nice to her. But sometimes you just can’t. You’ll remember public relations girl Lizzie, daughter of arguably the most powerful lawyer in the music business, as the hit-and-run driver of an SUV that ran into a knot of Long Island bar patrons on July 7, 2001. The Daily News brings us juice if not justice today from her deposition testimony in a civil suit:

“I was screaming, saying, ‘I need to go back and take responsibility for my actions,’ and I was held down and not allowed to move,” she testified.

and elsewhere:

Plaintiff’s Attorney Roger Kunkis: What was the sum and substance of your conversation?

Grubman: ‘What are you doing? Let me go back. I need to take responsibility for my actions.’ He pinned me down with his hands.

Under oath, that was. I feel a poem coming on.

Lizzie in her Dad’s Mercedes
Sent the rabble down to Hades.
When she saw what she had done,
She had her story nicely spun.

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