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Mad Max at Home

For a second his heart dies, he’s thinking of Jessie his first wife and Sprog, run down in the road in another age, so long ago like a comic book. Continue reading

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The Mews of Avenue A

The last time I saw her show, Ms. La Nive did her set dressed entirely in bubble-wrap. This is not really as sexy as a guy might hope. Continue reading

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The Secret Interrogation

I know you’ve loved full bore, with folly, with need, with abandon, with fire, without cause, with pain, with disastrous results, with a will that might have made you burst. Continue reading

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St. Paul Travelers

Coach Said Not To turns out to be a rambling, rangy, oddball, iconoclastic, curious, kitschy, and fetching outfit, with ropy songs that sometime lope and sometimes clatter about and generally get twisty in interesting ways. Continue reading

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Yellow Alert

As it happens, the world hates oysters. I wish I’d known that before I ordered appetizers. Continue reading

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