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Ka is a Wheel

I’m not entirely sure why the days have been so busy lately: they are not straight-line busy, either, but rather a weather’s-coming-in variety of agitation and scatter. If I were watching too many movies on DVD, or if the nights … Continue reading

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Side Door in the Fantasy Factory

From the Proceedings of the Department of Moments: Hulapalooza, our divine Miss Saturn‘s mostly-monthly hula-hooping burlesque show at Galapagos. The side door to the back dressing room winks open briefly between acts. The space beyond is bare and drab and … Continue reading

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A Bas Les Mobiles!

According to Le Figaro, French concert halls, theaters, and movie houses are now allowed to jam cell phones using a technology already in use in prisons. Way to go! Trains are next, I hope.

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Native American Summer

It is too beautiful outside to blog. I can’t stay in this room, must frolic. Back soon. In other words: GONE FISHIN’ MISSIN’. Back tomorrer, about. Speaking of missing, I thought The Forgotten was perfectly good fun. A coherent in-the-Matrix … Continue reading

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You Can Stop Worrying

Or at least, I can stop worrying, provisionally. The lump is probably not malignant, and after I get the sonogram in two weeks we’ll know one way or the other for sure. For now they think it’s a lipoma, which … Continue reading

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Questions – Authority?

Could we have a little less running around and a little more bored downtime at the office, please? Would that be all right? And if we have to pick a day when I fire up the old Liberal dancing shoes … Continue reading

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Who Knows What Evil Crap Lurks on the Desks of Men?

Linus knows. Muahahahaha. Adjacent to the envelope where receipts are supposed to go, there are receipts. Also under the envelope, which is some sort of skill shot I’m sure. In the envelope where the receipts are supposed to go? Not … Continue reading

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