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It’s gotta be true, ’cause you read it here!

Brazilian scientists have decoded the genome of the coffee plant, according to the BBC. Bully for them! But… Having studied 200,000 strands of DNA, they have identified 35,000 coffee genes, a combination of which gives the drink its aroma and … Continue reading

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Dada! Dada! Dada!

In a post-modern neo-surrealist fit of existential à-proposism, famed star of the DVD Jenna Jameson is set to sign her literary opus How to Make Love Like a Porn Star on Tuesday, August 17th. Where else but at the Virgin … Continue reading

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You call that an udder?

This is an udder! The BBC reports: One of Australia’s largest agricultural shows has been engulfed in scandal after four people were disqualified for “udder-tampering”. Two cattle owners and two groomers were excluded from the Royal Queensland Show for injecting … Continue reading

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Just (Don’t) Do It

By the not-packed state of things, it’s pretty easy to tell that I am heading off to Amsterdam tomorrow. I might be a bit more sanguine if the laundry were done, but hey, that’s what the last minute is for: … Continue reading

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Eli, Hale

Last weekend I was up in Maine with my family, sneezing up the state, eating everything that wasn’t nailed down, and hanging out with my folks and extended sibs: Dad the Painter, Mom the Birdwatching Retired Attorney, Ballet Dancer Brother … Continue reading

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Spruce Bruce

Like Arthur Dent of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I never mastered Thursdays. Or at least that’s what it feels like today, and it’s Thursday, isn’t it? Q.E.D. And don’t get me started on mathematical induction, while we’re … Continue reading

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Did He Say That Out Loud … ?

For best results it generally goes like this: 1. Think. 2. Talk. Otherwise you end up with hilarious and perhaps revealing babble. Viz: George W. Bush: Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking … Continue reading

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21st Century Schizoid Pocketknife

This is how I know it’s the future. We’re sliding backward far and fast if you want to talk culture, progress, empathy, equality, understanding, illumination, justice, prosperity, or benevolence — but man, we sure have some cool toys. This Swiss … Continue reading

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All Of The Above

I’m on the cell this morning with Vikki Walls from the Dewey Beach Music Conference & Festival, one of my favorite annual late-September events. Dewey Beach is a terrific conference, and I love it as much for the meeting and … Continue reading

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Et Tu, Peter Pan

Times Square underground is like Sigil, the City of Doors, in that it can take you anywhere, often when that is not where you want to go. For the unwary, Times Square is a time sponge. You ride the #2 … Continue reading

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