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Pitchin’ Some “Woooo”

Dear Rock Music Person: I like your music. I do. That is why I am at your show. Even if I came to see the band playing before you/ after you/ yesterday (oops), I am here for your set as … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just A Theory, It’s A Good Idea!

“Former Vice President Al Gore will deliver an address on global warming at the Beacon Theater tonight Thursday, January 15.” – The Newspapers Observed at Central Park, New York 3:51 PM EST on January 15, 2004: Temperature 14 °F / … Continue reading

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Just Walk Away, L.A.

While we sit here gnashing in the cold, and Nancy from Leaving Los Angeles posts commiserating comments about how those 70-degree days in California get boring after a while (sigh), and as our Ethan Lipton business spins up to a … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby

Today, as New York creaks under a spell of record cold temperatures, our man in Los Angeles sends a spontaneous e-hail under the subject line “I’m Sorry…” which reads, in its entirety: I was sitting on my balcony in short … Continue reading

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Like a Record, Baby

We’re at the soft world-is-our-oyster all-the-possibilities stage of our next Home Office Records release, a heaping helping of a live EP by Ethan Lipton. I haven’t talked much about Ethan here, since Pepper of the Earth is about blogging, not … Continue reading

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Panem Et Discos Compactos

My old CD player is balking. More and more often it just sits there blinking, and pretends there’s no disk in its maw. Normally, I wouldn’t mind much since I hardly ever listen to recorded music these days –I don’t … Continue reading

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The Other Chicken Soup

My mind is still soap from my throat being sawdust (oh, the joys of illin’). The curative powers of chicken soup should never be underestimated, especially when there are Jews about. I had some this afternoon, and now I’m wanting … Continue reading

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It’s a Man’s Word

Jess is suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous breaking-up on her public gibbet at Blind Cavefish, where her Blogger configurations don’t allow links to individual entries. She’s been working her way attentively through the six seven stages of breaking … Continue reading

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Perchance to Dream

Last night while I was ruminating on past New Year’s antics, the Mars Exploration Rover named Spirit bounce-landed in the Gusev Crater, a basin about the size of Connecticut lying southeast of the small Cerberus mountains, between the Elysium plain … Continue reading

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(Auld Lang) Syne of the Times

From the progression of light and dark bits out my window, it’s fair to assume time has passed since New Year’s Day. So it’s probably high time I get dressed. Nah, I’ve been dressed in 2004. We were out depleting … Continue reading

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