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Sands of Time

These last few years, and by “few” I mean six or seven, I’ve rung in the dawn of the New Year in glorious, disgraceful frolic. Down the East Village the better bars buy day licenses so they can keep serving … Continue reading

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And in This Corner, Playing the White Races…

This woman was telling me about a neighborhood uptown in Manhattan which is really dangerous. Her friends warned her about it in big red letters, shaking their heads and saying it was the worst place she could imagine, no kidding, … Continue reading

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Parental Advisory

Dear Linus’ Mom: Linus sure has been having a good time this holiday season. This is good, but you should know that he has neglected his work on Pepper of the Earth, and that his exuberant eating and drinking habits … Continue reading

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The Fantôme In The Machine

It’s late night on Boxing Day. Linus and I are at the bar at Spuyten Duyvil, working our way through a big bottle of Fantôme de Noël, a mysterious amber brew with dark cherries in the nose. That’s it for … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

The best of holidays to you, and thanks for reading. Click on the card image above for our history of alienations. Drive safe, eat well, drink merrily, and sleep hard.

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‘Tis the Season…

… to skip blogging. What with the Day Job Christmas Party last week (it’s a worm! it’s a cactus! it’s … Tequila Man!) and a celebratory dinner last night at The Waterfront Ale House (you must, you must try Sam’s … Continue reading

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A Movie Runs Through It

I’m back from a quick trip up to Boston for the Temptress Christmas party. This was the Day Job version (there’s a tech company lurking easily behind the rock and roll), so we drank and ate and drank and then … Continue reading

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A Camry by Any Other Name

As a guy named Linus in real life – it’s not a nickname – I always appreciate a good out-of-the-ordinary monicker. It’s frankly hard to imagine what life must be like as a Michael or a Paul or a Dan. … Continue reading

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Sucks to be Saddam

I’m glad that Saddam Hussein has been captured at last, and I hope justice – such justice as there can be – is next. But Pepper isn’t a political place, and let’s keep it that way. But I’m thinking we … Continue reading

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The Ravening Geek, Revealed

We’ve had several geek sightings lately hereabouts (me! me! me!). Since it’s 30 degrees out there and the East Village feels rather remote at this hour, it seems the perfect time to post this. Down here it’s warm, and everything … Continue reading

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