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A Poor Excuse To Be Late For Beer

I did not overhear what prompted the comment, nor did I hear what the reply was. No matter; some phrases carry the weight of full paragraphs, and this is one of them. A poor excuse to be late for beer. … Continue reading

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It Takes The Village

Friday was unseasonably balmy, and seasonably Halloween. At 6:30 p.m. in the staging area along Sullivan Street the 30th annual Village Halloween Parade was spinning up, slowing down, prancing and primping, jockeying for position, running over the occasional hapless banner, … Continue reading

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5ive Years in Reverse

Top 5 Halloween costumes over the years (in no particular order): 5. Halloweening in Rome in the Via dei Serpenti, I take an appliance box of some kind, cut and trim it to a tapered point, festoon it with bodacious … Continue reading

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Feel The Thrill Of An Extra Ball

The Monopoly pinball machine is not new (it came out in 2001), but that was the first time I saw one. Tucked away in the corner by the backstage door at Southpaw, it glowed and glittered in the darkened room, … Continue reading

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