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Through Rosa-Tinted Glasses

Dateline: Austin. The sun is out, but I’m still indoors. After a cold and overcast start, the South by Southwest music conference is finally greeted by a clear blue sky, which is a piece of luck, since this afternoon Linus … Continue reading

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Nash(less)-ville: a Farewell to Juliana

A wonderful singer settles in to become a wonderful Mom; will her kids ever really understand? Somewhere, far off in the heavens, giggling sounds are heard. Continue reading

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A Perfumed Garden No More

Legendary British radio DJ John Peel has died of a heart attack while on holidays in Peru. He was 65. John Peel came to the forefront of pop consciousness during the heady days of “pirate radio” in the mid 60′s, … Continue reading

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A Slip Of The Eye

Quickly glancing over yet another Halloween show announcement for my weekly updating of The Gigometer, my eye stumbles upon a mention of “spongy music”. Huh? Oh, it’s “spooky music”. Still, I wonder what spongy music would be like…

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Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

After posting last week about Charles Ives’s The Unanswered Question, I find myself Jonesing to hear the piece. I’m at the office and my CD’s are resting quietly at home, as CD’s are wont to do. Nothing matches live spatial … Continue reading

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Show Tunes Redeem Themselves

I detest the concept of musicals, and especially loathe the kind of situation where apparently perfectly sane and hale individuals suddenly feel the urge to throw their arms into the air and blare thundering crescendos just because they haven’t done … Continue reading

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A Geordie in Hoboken

First the good news: – Boom Boom – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – San Franciscan Nights – When I Was Young – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – Hey Bo Diddley/Not Fade Away – It’s My Life … Continue reading

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Johnny Ramone 1948-2004

Kitty Kowalski just forwarded the news that Johnny Ramone has just died in his sleep at home in Los Angeles. He was 55 and had suffered from prostate cancer. An era has truly ended.

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Three Bands for the Elven Kings

Busy busy busy. Since we started doing the Home Office Records indie label thing on December 13, 1996 – Friday the 13th, of course – we’ve put out seven CD’s by six bands, as well as a butt-kicking-for-goodness compilation, Burner, … Continue reading

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I Wonder Why

Why does the bass solo always happen during the last song before the break? Bass solo, tip bucket: same struggle?

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