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Thongwriting 101

Overheard at the bar of a well-known East Village venue. Well-Known Local Songwriter #1: “What about motherfucker then?” Well-Known Local Songwriter #2: “No, no that won’t work; it has four syllables, it won’t fit a classic meter. Cocksucker, on the … Continue reading

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Yo, Mister Tourist Dude!

Don’t. Yes, you, really, trust me. Don’t. I know, there’s this burning itch to act edgy like a real New Yorker, and to jaywalk across 5th Avenue. First off, it’s probably just a heat rash anyway; but in any case … Continue reading

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A Plea

As some of you may have noticed, our comments were not working for a few days. This was probably the result of a mass spam attack by the casino- and- poker morons that left one of our database tables in … Continue reading

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The Wolf is at the Door

Le Figaro reports that wolves have made a rather impressive comeback in eastern France recently. They no longer limit themselves to chomping on wandering sheep in summer pastures, high up on the slopes of the Alps; they now kill cows … Continue reading

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Did you remember to change the battery?

Changing the batteries in the smoke detectors is a quasi-equinoctial (yes, that’s a word) ritual associated with the resetting of the clocks to and from summer time. But did you remember to do it this month? This afternoon, I spent … Continue reading

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Take Me Out To The SXSW Ball Game

And so it comes to pass, South by Southwest 2005 comes to a close with the traditional barbecue and softball game (Print Media routs Club Bookers 14 to 3) on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Linus will explore the barbecue issues … Continue reading

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We Have A Winner

This morning, at the crack of dawn, Music Standard Time (10 a.m. or so) our intrepid team from Home Office Records went to a breakfast presentation by MIDEM, the huge music industry conference that takes place every winter in Cannes, … Continue reading

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If it’s Thursday, it must be Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards returns to SXSW. Also, Slaid Cleaves, Martha Wainwright, Tracy Bonham, and the ghost of Rocky Erikson, among others. And a nice little barleywine from Lovejoy’s to round up the day.

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Through Rosa-Tinted Glasses

Dateline: Austin. The sun is out, but I’m still indoors. After a cold and overcast start, the South by Southwest music conference is finally greeted by a clear blue sky, which is a piece of luck, since this afternoon Linus … Continue reading

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The problem with sneezing is to avoid doing it at the keyboard. Especially with the mouth full of tea.

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