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Sinus Friction

Everything was fine this morning until some devolutionary nasal gasket slipped its housing a couple of hours ago. Now my brain is spooling through its Star Trek countdown message routine with the rest of me, and it will not listen … Continue reading

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Fallout of the Out-Fall

Our Ethan Lipton CD has just come in from the Great Northern Factory, and there’s plenty of ooo-ing and aaah-ing and moving things from one box to another, so we’re sparse for a day or two. The CD, A New … Continue reading

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Everyone but everyone out there in Blogville, USA has gone to World 66 (no relation to World 666, which would be something different) to make nifty little maps of where they’ve been. There’s no telling when a brushfire will turn … Continue reading

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It’s Monday Again

Today an “outsource copying” company came by to woo us Day Job folks away from our usual trusty copy guys. They brought doughnuts and those “Box of Joe” coffee contraptions from Dunkin’ Donuts – the caffeine equivalent of wine in … Continue reading

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Head Stop

I live a life blessedly free of headaches, by and large. The down side of this is that when they do come a-knocking, I’m a real baby about them. Well, there went Saturday, whoosh, down the hurty drain. Not like … Continue reading

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Words, Actions, What a Puzzler

It’s Lizzie Grubman‘s birthday, so we’re supposed to be nice to her. But sometimes you just can’t. You’ll remember public relations girl Lizzie, daughter of arguably the most powerful lawyer in the music business, as the hit-and-run driver of an … Continue reading

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Disturbing: The Peace

We all make mistakes. Just the other day I thought I had a few extra singles in my wallet to put in the traveling tip bucket for Curtis Eller after his splendid banjo-ranting set at Cafe 111 on Court Street. … Continue reading

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Woodwork Creaks…

… and out come the freaks. That was true when Was (Not Was) said it in 1981, and it’s true now. If there’s a difference, it’s that the wonders of technology let the loonies move so fast these days. PZ … Continue reading

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Red Rover, Red Rover

I guess what we take from the new voluble Mars rover is this: when the Spirit is troubled, Opportunity is on the rise. Opportunity landed on Mars with less fanfare than Spirit had on its bouncedown – little siblings the … Continue reading

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Hi! My Name Is: Pepper

Starbucks on 17th Street, just west of Union Square. A couple barges out, gasping in the capering cold. The Sucky Date He, trying hard: No really, tell me again. She, up to here with it all: Fine, OK. I’ve never … Continue reading

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