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Eleventy-First Birthday

Esperanza Marrero died on Tuesday at the venerable age of 111. She was the oldest woman in New York state, and lived on the Lower East Side in the Jacob Riis Houses down along Avenue D. Esperanza Marrero was born … Continue reading

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February Made Me Shiver

Eliot got it wrong – April is not the cruelest month, unless you’re the kind of person who needs a better accountant. Misery is a regional thing, and New York has two click two click two months rife with more … Continue reading

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Google-y Eyes

If you’re wearing a smudge on your forehead today, then best respects. I thought about a celebratory Mardi Gras outing last night, but after the snow all day long, frankly I forgot that there was a tropical holiday going on. … Continue reading

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The Pretty Girl is Not a Mystery

To answer the question, that’s Marisa Tomei‘s picture there in yesterday’s entry – hover your mouse over the photo and you should see a caption spring to life, in most browsers. While I don’t actually discuss Marisa Tomei in the … Continue reading

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It’s Monday Again

Oh, wicked, bad, naughty, evil Linus! I’ve been playing Pepper hooky for days. And it felt pretty good. Oops, did I say that out loud? Well, I figure it this way. If the President can go A.W.O.L. for months at … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With the Jones

Chomp, chomp, chomp. That <– is the sound of me eating my words, and I might as well do it in public. Back up just a couple of years and Norah Jones was a regular performer at The Living Room, … Continue reading

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The Great Unwatched

Here are the movies from this year’s 29th Annual 24-Hour Science Fiction Film Marathon about which I will not comment: The Amazing Transparent Man, d. Edgar G. Ulmer, 1960 – a five-day speed-shoot quickie that lifts plot points from 1933′s … Continue reading

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Another Bel Di

The opera Madama Butterfly is 100 years old today, and the popular belle of the zo odori has hardly aged a jot since Giacomo Puccini set her pining on the stage of Milano’s Teatro alla Scala back in 1904. Since … Continue reading

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Heart U.

For better or worse, happy Valentine’s Day to lovers, wish-we-were lovers, unlovers, and everyone between. Thanks to Guinness for pointing me to the online ACME Labs Heart Maker. No carbs! Flipping through the tattered leaves of my life I find … Continue reading

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Strep Tease

That was no scaby, that was my throat. Har har har. Seriously, several of my biological processes started to work again today, so surely rational thought can’t be far behind. I’ll be back on the blog wagon soon. Apparently I’m … Continue reading

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