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Los Lobos: Did the Wolf Survive?

Everything lately has been circles, cycles, orbits. Forget your Saturn return; once the 25th high school reunion rolls past (scroll down or click for reunion Pepper entries on June 5 and June 7) your internal deck is stuck on Repeat … Continue reading

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May the Show of Force be With You

Outside down on Whitehall Street there’s a phalanx of uniformed cops and a double row of prowl cars, parked nose-out into the street on both sides for at least two full blocks. Side streets are blocked off and formations are … Continue reading

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Sic Transit Gloria Olsen

The giggly breathy squeaky sound you heard Sunday was Ashley Fuller Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen turning legal. I was going to get up early to watch it, but one thing led to another and sunrise isn’t really my specialty. Besides, … Continue reading

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The Days, The Daze

[Luxuriant stretch, the human equivalent of a purr] Rustle, rustle, rustle … creak. [Rumpling noises, gummy first-voice sounds] Ahem. Anyone in here? It’s, uh, been summer. I was outside, and napping. Starting this week the explosive distractions at work should … Continue reading

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A Touch of Classmates

The Scary High School Reunion, to which we add the Curious High School Centennial celebration, has come and gone, and it was odd and wonderful fun. This is the Cliff Notes short version; the saga won’t come out without judicious … Continue reading

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Past Times at Stuyvesant High

Some astute Class of ’79 grads brought their Indicator yearbooks to our 25-year high school reunion today. I didn’t buy a yearbook or class ring when I trailed away from Stuyvesant back then, and that was the last yearbook to … Continue reading

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Caroline and Sarah

I’ve been following the terrible news about young Sarah Fox at a distance and with tightly-woven sorrow. It sits very close to home, and so I haven’t wanted to look it in the facts. Tragedy defies ranking; there isn’t any … Continue reading

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Summer or Later

Summer in New York City is imponderable; you never quite know when it arrives, until suddenly the dog days are sweating the walls of your apartment into jelly. Top ten onset signs, then, for our love-it-til-you-hate-it affair with the hot … Continue reading

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Burning Question

And just what are you doing here, reading a blog entry when you should be out splashing in the park or reading the paper on the beach? Go, go, we’ll be here later. Like on Monday, when they say it’s … Continue reading

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Shirts and Giggles

There are a lot of funny shirts in world. And once in a while there are really funny shirts. Check out this site for other howlers. Since I have my High School Reunion thing coming up next weekend – … Continue reading

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