Picture Gallery: The Mermaid Day Parade 2004

Coney Island, Saturday June 26, 2004 - part II.      [ part I here ]
A Face in the Crowd An Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Treasure Island Trio Bungle in the Jungle
Linus in Action Temptress on the Strip Calamari! Crabs Cycle
King Moby and Queen Theo King Moby, Queen Theo Whoopee Breasts?
I'm Blue Living Colors Pink of Condition Shark of the Covenant
Sumo! Thanks Collective Unconscious Boat Kite
Hot Mail Couple Seahorse Staff
The Cyclone Fast Car Dead Mermaid Nearly Halloween
Sea Monkey with Boobs Bambi, Bunny, and  Elyse Elvis! You're Back!

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