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Renée Annabel Wilson...has a lot more feeling than the dozens of similar-sounding women storming the charts, and her backings are a lot less superficial -- I especially like the icy, chill winds of keyboards on the choruses of "Become."

Jack Rabid, editor of The Big Takeover

Attention All Passengers! It's been a long season since we've heard from RAW Kinder, the dynamic and bewitching East Village band that stirred heads and other bodily parts hereabouts for so long. But the music lives on. The band is captured on their only solo CD in all their full edgy, sensual splendor. RAW Kinder regularly played in New York City as late as 1999, and has performed with the CMJ Music Festival in '98 and the Intel New York Music Festival '97 and '98 (voted to the top ten IntelFest band list in '98). They were featured performers with the Digital Club Fest '99 as well. Their first solo record, "EP," is for sale in the Home Office on-line store, where you can also check out the band's back catalog tracks on the Burner compilation.

Audiences compare RAW Kinder's direct, sumptuous songs to the music of Mazzy Star, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison and Björk. Raucous enough to muss your hair and sweet and wistful enough to stir heart and mind, the band's new disc is a darkling trip through the foothills of the headlands. Will they be back? Maybe -- if you want them bad enough.

Where to go, what to do: To find out more about RAW Kinder, visit our introductions page; for some relatively up to date updates, drop by the news section. There's more detail and verbal paraphernalia on the about the band platter. And, of course, we encourage you to join the RAW Kinder email news list for gig dates (cross your fingers!), news and rumors, and random trips behind the curtain.

Want to hear some RAW Kinder sound? We have downloadable .wav files in our Tune Room, and the fine on-line indie distributors over at CD Baby have digitized four tracks for your listening pleasure in streaming RealAudio and MP3 formats.

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Factoid: RAW Kinder played the Intel New York Music Festival 1998 here in the city, and was voted into the top ten of the "Pick your Favorite Intel Band" list. They were up as high as #3 during the Festival, and ended up at #7, two spots below HO's new recording artists The Cucumbers, who ended up at #5. That's out of 350 or so bands playing this year. We were the only label with two bands in the top ten!

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