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Music and Burlesque Calendar for New York City,2018:318

Thursday 15 November 2018
Marc Ribot(8:30 pm) — The Stone at The Glass Box
Craig Greenberg / Benjamin Cartel [8 pm] — Coney Island Baby
Bela Fleck(8 pm) — The Town Hall
Richard Lloyd(10 pm) — The Bowery Electric
Terry Waldo(8 pm-11 pm) — Black Tail at Pier A
Detroit Grease(8 pm-11 pm) —
Ingrid Michaelson(7 pm) —
John Medeski(8:30 pm) & / Will Bernard(8:30 pm) — Brooklyn Bowl
Cassidy Andrews / Seasonal Beast [8 pm] — Littlefield
Jessie Kilguss(8 pm) / Bucky Hayes(9 pm) with / Maddy Wyatt(9 pm) / Andi Rae and The Back River Bullies(10 pm) / Bryan Dunn(11 pm) — Hank's Saloon
Margo Valiante(10 pm-1 am) — Skinny Dennis
The Travelin' McCourys(8 pm) — Rough Trade NYC
Zephaniah O'Hora / Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys [9 pm] — Diviera Drive
Ryan Scott(9 pm-midnight) — Sunny's Bar

Friday 16 November 2018
Marc Ribot(8:30 pm) — The Stone at The Glass Box
Queen V(7:30 pm) — The Cutting Room
Lorraine Leckie and her Demons(11 pm) — The Sidewalk Cafe
Susan Said(7 pm) — Rockwood Music Hall
Stephan Crump(8:30 & 10 pm) — Cornelia Street Cafe
Bonomo(8:30 pm) — City Vineyard
Cordelia Stephens(5:30 pm) / Susan Kane(6:05 pm) / Matt Sucich(6:40 pm) — American Folk Art Museum
Elsa Nilsson(6 pm) —
Mary Lee Kortes's "Dreaming of Dylan" -- reading and performance: Mary Lee Kortes(7 pm), / James Mastro(7 pm), / Dave Schramm(7 pm), / Pete and Maura Kennedy(7 pm), / Warren Zanes(7 pm), / Glenn Mercer(7 pm), / Richard Barone(7 pm), / Eric "Roscoe" Ambel(7 pm), / Laura Cantrell(7 pm), / Elena Skye(7 pm), / Boo Reiners(7 pm), / Patrick Conlan(7 pm) —
Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert: Nicky Barbato, / Brooklyn Raga Massive, / Church of Betty, / On the Sun [8 pm] — Littlefield
Pat Irwin(9 pm) and / Jon Cowherd(9 pm) — Spectrum
Kyle Lacy(9 pm) — Radegast Hall
Low Roller(9 pm-midnight) — Skinny Dennis
Lovechild / Tim Pourbaix / Esmé Patterson [8 pm] — Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Evening Darling(9 pm) — An Beal Bocht
The End Of America / Lucy Kaplansky [8 pm] — Outpost in the Burbs

Saturday 17 November 2018
Marc Ribot(8:30 pm) — The Stone at The Glass Box
Goodnight Blue Moon(10:30 pm) — Rockwood Crypt
Hazmat Modine(7 pm-9:30 pm) — Terra Blues
Rhiannon Giddens(8 pm) — Symphony Space - Peter Jay Sharp Theatre
Kevin Daniel(9 pm) — Rockwood Music Hall
Stephan Crump(8:30 & 10 pm) — Cornelia Street Cafe
Brittany Brook [9 pm] —
Sandy Bell(4 pm) / Liz Tormes(5 pm) / Alice Bierhorst(6 pm) — Pete's Candy Store
Heather Eatman(9:30 pm) — Freddy's Bar
Off The Road Again(4 pm-7 pm) / Ben Kogan(10 pm-1 am) — Skinny Dennis
Rebecca Hart(1 pm) — The Way Station
Baby Soda(8 pm) — Brooklyn Firefly
Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers(10 pm-midnight) — St Mazie

Sunday 18 November 2018
Jerry Dugger & The Rusty Rainbow(11 pm-3:30 am) — Red Lion
Diane Cluck(8:30 pm) — Rockwood Crypt
Toot Sweet(10 pm) — Rockwood Music Hall
Phil Gammage(9 pm) — The Treehouse at 2A
Robyn Hitchcock(8:30 pm) — City Vineyard
Jefferson Hamer(8 pm) — The Scratcher Bar
Dred Scott(8 and 9:30 pm) — Mezzrow
Scotch Bonnet [8 pm] — C'mon Everybody
Baby Soda(10 pm-12:30 am) — St Mazie
Sirsy(9 pm) — The Way Station
Hobo Pocket(4 pm-7 pm) — Skinny Dennis
Jen Chapin(5 pm-6:15 pm) / Olli Soikkeli(9 pm) — Barbes
Sean Kershaw & The New Jack Ramblers(1 pm-4 pm) — Hank's Saloon
Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers(1:30 pm-3:30 pm) — St Mazie
Amanda Monaco(2 pm) — Flushing Town Hall

Monday 19 November 2018
Diane Cluck(8:30 pm) — Rockwood Crypt
Ryan Scott(9 pm) / Aaron Comess(10 pm) / Arnan Raz(11 pm) — Rockwood Music Hall
Dirty Water Dogs(midnight-3 am) — The Ear Inn
Jim Keller(9:30 pm) / Jim Campilongo(10 pm) & / Luca Benedetti(10 pm) — Rockwood Colosseum
Terry Waldo and his Rum House Jass Band(10 pm-2 am) — The Rum House
Rev. Vince Anderson(10 pm) — Union Pool
The Brain Cloud(7 pm) — Barbes
Jason Loughlin & The String Gliders(9 pm-midnight) — Skinny Dennis

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Joe Pug(8:30 pm) — City Winery Loft
Abbie Gardner(7 pm) — Rockwood Crypt
Kirsten Maxwell(7:30 pm) — The Cutting Room
Alex Hargreaves(9 pm) / Michael Daves(10 pm) — Rockwood Music Hall
Joseph King(9 pm) — Rockwood Colosseum
The Last Roundup Boys(9 pm) — Skinny Dennis
Trio S(9 pm-11:30 pm) — Bar LunÀtico
Ham Rodeo(10:30 pm) — Pete's Candy Store

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Hot Tuna(7:30 pm) — The Beacon
Alan Merrill(9 pm) — The Bowery Electric
Bob Lanzetti / Jean Rohe [8 pm] — Littlefield
Walker Adams(9 pm) — Radegast Hall
Ham Rodeo(9 pm) — Skinny Dennis
The Honky Tonk Heroes(8 pm) — Barbes
Loosh and the Best News(7 pm) — Mise-En-Place
The Songs of Bob Dylan(8 pm-11 pm) — LIC Bar
Carl Banks(9 pm) — The Irish Whiskey Bar ]]>