About the Gigometer™

Since 1996, the Gigometer™ has offered a free listing of shows in the "7 boroughs" —yes, that includes venues within walking distance of the PATH in Hoboken and Jersey City— based upon our personal experience. We have seen every one of those performers and bands (or one of their main members) live on stage at least once, except for a few provisional listings based upon the strong recommendation from one of our small group of trusted advisors.

The menu is pretty straighworward. Both mailing list and contact pages require javascript; blame the spammers.

This version —let's call it Gigometer v. 10.0— is better able to work with the narrow, mouse-less screens of mobile devices while keeping most of its features intact.

Times on the same line as the performer's name are actual set times, as announced by the venue or the performer, while times on a new line are either an approximative guess or a "doors open" time, whatever that really means. In the plain-text version these are between parentheses () and square brackets [], respectively.

The daily (*) spotlight (boldface in the plain-text version) points to a significant, rare, unusual, or sometimes but not necessarily best show of the day.

The listing encompasses one month from today, plus a sneak peek at a few later shows that are likely to sell out before they would appear normally.

In the full version, venue names link to each venue's web site, while hover (or touch) brings up the address and additional info. Each (almost) street address itself links to a Google map. Band names link to the bands' web sites, while hover (or touch) brings up a very brief description of the music (still in progress...)

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