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In the Valley of the Green Giants

what's this about our first-born child...? August, 1999: In case you're not from near here, let's let this much slip: it's hot. It's bloody hot. It's enough-already, we surrender, don't-hit-me-again HOT.

We mention this because at this time last year it was not so hot. It was summer, yes, sticky and muggy as New York City summers always are; it was a full measure of summer, replete with gradual promising nights and splashes at the margins of the ocean, with tempers and tolerances stretched thin, with wardrobes thinning and customs slipping away under the pressure of the informal season. And in our corner of the world, we had something rooting, unfurling in the slow underground winds, growing toward a big sweet fruit coming up in the winter ahead. That something was the seedling joining between The Cucumbers and Home Office Records, and the fruit it yielded, the splendid album Total Vegetility, is now a-hanging on the vine, waiting for your harvesting hands.

On this page, we are captured by HO lensman Pierre Jelenc as we sign our contract with the band, passing the papers around the table in the back garden at d.b.a. while a celebratory magnum of Chimay Grand Reserve lurks under the table waiting for the ink to set. The gentleman in the purple, John Lopez, is taking his job as witness to the signing very seriously...

We did 
it! ...And at last The Thing Is Done, and four happy Cucumbers flank that guy in the middle holding up the contract -- that's Home Office Records' Mr. Cyrano, peeking out from behind the scenes and about as happy as a record guy can get (he's forgotten that his credit card is open at the bar).

Total Vegetility came out as scheduled in chill January, 1999. For a time it was to be called The Green Album, but then Mercury went retrograde. There was a strong surge of support for Cucumberance as well, and we were particularly fond of both Et Tu, Livingston? and You're Soaking In It, but when the christening dust settled it was Vegetility at the finish line, and that was simply that. And indeed, the name dovetails easily with the half-tongue in half-cheek philosophy of vegetility and vegetalianism that the band has developed to add yet more colors to an already splendiferous world. What precisely is all this vegetility...? Well, there's a working vocabulary included in the album's liner notes, and Restez Tuned for a page of definitions that will arrive (in the fullness of time) on this site...

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